Tips for teaching your children better oral health

As parents it may seem like a losing battle to get our kids to take care of their teeth and gums.  Most children will not like to brush their teeth, will find an excuse not to brush or go through the motions just to make it seem like they are brushing.  It is important that kids brush their teeth in order to avoid teeth cleaning torrance ca services from the dentist.  If you find yourself struggling to get your kids to brush, here are some tips and tricks you can follow.

Get a cool toothbrush
Allow your kids to pick out their own toothbrush or find a toothbrush that is really cool.  These brushes can be of a cartoon character, a fancy color or even have glitter or sparkles on it.  When your child picks out their own toothbrush, they feel that they have level of control or say in their oral health.

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Flavored toothpaste
Another cool tactic that you can use is allow your kids to use a flavored toothpaste.  One reason kids don’t want to brush is because toothpaste is too strong or tastes weird to them.  However, if you go and get a flavored toothpaste such as bubblegum, cotton candy or something like this then that will encourage them to brush.  Also, toothpaste that turns their teeth a different color and fades back to white may also be a great option for your kids.

Sing brushing songs
Make brushing fun.  Sing brushing songs or allow them to do a fun activity after they brush their teeth or get ready for bed.  You can make it an option to pick a bedtime story, play a game in the morning or pick something out of the reward jar.

Having children take care of their teeth shouldn’t be a battle.  Using some common sense and empowering them to feel as if they are in control will allow your kids to learn about oral health and do whatever they can to achieve it.